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Manpower is a world leader in the employment services industry, serving 400,000 clients a year in 78 countries.


But in the early 2000s, Manpower was competing in low-margin segments, and its decentralised approach – it had over 5000 websites for instance – impeded performance. CEO Jeff Jeerers set out to broaden the offer, acquire specialist consultancies, expand into the higher-margin permanent staff business, and unify the business.


Guided by Wolff Olins, Manpower shifted its territory from temporary work to contemporary work. Through recruitment, training, selection, outsourcing and consulting services, Manpower could help individuals and companies make sense of the forces shaping tomorrow’s workplace. Alongside this new brand idea, Wolff Olins created a new brand identity, and helped roll it out across Manpower’s 4500 offices.


Manpower’s new, unified brand transported the company into a position where it can leverage its accumulated knowledge to benefit clients, candidates and shareholders more than ever before. The new brand has helped fuel spectacular growth.

In the year before the brand change, revenues stood at just under $16 billion. Revenues rose 11% in 2006, and then another 17% in 2007, to pass the $20 billion mark. Despite difficult economic times Manpower continues its growth reporting revenues of $22 billion at the end of 2008.