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Italian sunglass empire Luxottica Group had already created an impressive international footprint for its retail brand, Sunglass Hut, which had become a veritable machine for selling quality sunglasses to a broad audience.


But it suspected it was missing the opportunity to attract a more affluent female shopper who would traditionally shop at high-end retailers such as Dior, Chanel or Prada for her sunglasses.


Wolff Olins worked through potential scenarios with Luxottica to ensure that the business strategy of two complementary brands was the right move. Luxottica then developed the brand idea of ‘luxury galore.‘ With its Italian roots in craft and fashion, and an ambition to cultivate an audience who are just as attracted by the experience and service as the product, the brand invites you to indulge without guilt,to be pampered and pandered to, unapologetically opulent and sumptuous, and as unique and desirable as the high-end fashion brands it collects and curates.

From the brand strategy we created the name Ilori, which is a Nigerian name literally translating to ‘special treasure.‘ We designed the experience from communications through to retail and online, ensuring that the right taste level, attention to detail and love of luxury permeated throughout.


Ilori quickly emerged as the leader in sunglasses of distinction opening six stores in 2007, including flagships in New York and Los Angeles, with a total of 21 stores in the US in 2009. Initial results exceeded expectations, and Ilori continues to build on the success of focusing on prestigious locations, brand exclusivity and extremely high service levels.