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Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason is a 307 year old business with the ambition to secure another 300 year old future and double the size of the business in the next 3 to 5 years.


To get there, they needed to expand their reach and relevance, and dramatically reassert them-selves in a world that is hungry for the passion, knowledge and expertise Fortnum & Mason uniquely possesses. Most of all, they needed to understand the potential for growth beyond its core offer (food) and its single store in Piccadilly.


We worked directly with the CEO and his executive team to shape a brand strategy that could deliver the business. Critically, in the fast pace of retail, we needed to quickly give them tools to activate and use the brand strategy instantly. We devised ways in which Fortnum & Mason could step outside its Piccadilly store and bring its unique way of making the everyday special to a broader audience. The first manifestation of this has been the F&M Hamperling– a unique piece of product innovation that reinterprets and con temporises the iconic hamper,and will form part of Fortnum & Mason’s takeaway offer both in-store and beyond – and also the new, experience-led offer at St.Pancras International which opened in November 2013.


Since our relationship began we have helped embed the brand in the business: giving the business a distinctive purpose and very clear focus, lending coherency and clear strategic direction to the product offer, specifically looking at the business and brand opportunity for the confectionery category, helping to rationalise categories and lines on each floor whilst crafting a narrative that ties together the whole in-store experience, crafting and winning a pitch for a new retail space at St. Pancras, establishing a partnership with the Serpentine Gallery and creating an exclusive food and drink experience in the form of The Hampering.

In the year 2015, like-for-like sales were 15% up over the key Christmas period, the five weeks to 3 January. This pushed annual profits up 31% to £5m. Fortnum said it recorded the best trading day in its history on 15 December.