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Egg was launched by Prudential in 1998, and was an instant success.


Egg attracted two million customers in its first three years. By 2001, Egg was ready to go a stage further: to broaden its ambition, widen its
audience and go global, starting with France.


To make this happen, Wolff Olins worked with Egg to pin down its brand idea. We built on Egg’s modernity and innovativeness, but added a sense of straightforwardness and reliability: attributes it would need to reach a broader audience. We summed up the brand as ‘brilliant ideas made simple’. This thought then inspired a new communication style, showing customers enjoying real life – sometimes a bit chaotically – with Egg’s help. A new tone of voice made Egg more assured, and a little less quirky. And a new logo gave the brand more stature and presence.


his new maturity helped Egg broaden its offer and consolidate its position in the UK, though the venture in France – where consumers tend to hold fewer credit cards than the British – was closed after two years. In May 2007 Citigroup completed the purchase of the Egg brand for £575 million. Egg is now the world’s largest purely online bank.