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In 2005 the Russian mobile communications market was approaching saturation, especially in Moscow. The challenge was to turn Beeline into a brand that could stand apart and compete effectively in this context.


A more clearly differentiated position was required, one that focused on creating long-term customer relationships and deeper emotional bonds to drive real loyalty. This, combined with a strong identity, has been key to setting a new standard in the Russian market.


With Beeline and BBDO, Wolff Olins developed a new positioning, identity, communications style, image libraries and campaign for launch. We then rolled out the brand across all communications, packaging, retail, web and HQ interiors, alongside a number of internal brand-building initiatives. The re-brand was a huge success and at the end of 2005 revenue was up by 40%, market capitalisation by 28% and ARPU by 7%. We continue to work with Beeline as it grows into new regions and product areas.


Since re-launching the brand, Beeline has grown to become the leading mobile communications brand in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia and most recently in Vietnam and Cambodia. Beeline has been independently ranked the most valuable brand in Russia for four consecutive years by Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux in Business Week, valuing the brand at $7.44 billion at the end of 2008. Beeline has become the benchmark for all recent brand launches and the one to beat in mobile telephony. By March 2009 Beeline had 63 million subscribers.