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Grubhub Campaign

When it's cold outside, ordering food for delivery tastes and feels even better. For Grubhub, winter is a critical time for the business and marketing teams because of increased conversion and acquisition of diners. And with a new company vision and brand experience developed by Grubhub with Wolff Olins, Grubhub had a great chance to reintroduce themselves to diners across the USA. So we partnered with Grubhub's marketing team to develop “Order Food You Love”— an integrated national campaign that elevates the online food ordering and delivery experience by tapping into the moments that matter to diners.

Moments to savor

TV and social was focused on ‘eating moments’ and the happy environments that emerge around them. Rich, warm, and real, there’s energy and emotion in every cut – a celebratory journey across the tables of America, through different eyes, in different cities, at different times of day.

We meet the family, kids hustling for mom’s attention, crashing noisily through their suburban home. A sprint to the door to meet the delivery person and a free-for-all to the table, where delicious Thai food momentarily pauses the chaos – creating moments to laugh and share stories of the day – before it all begins again.

We join a group of friends gathered in the dorms, ending a rainy day playing music, catching up, and toasting to good times with tacos, over shared chips and guac.

We’re lounging at home with the artist in a bright modern loft. Laid up with a broken leg, he’s making the best of it, his four-legged friend on hand to offer love and drool. But soon, his growling stomach tells him it’s time to pause from work. Luckily, Grubhub is ready to supply delicious bbq to share.

The stories are dominoes kicking off a chain of events, introducing us to the characters, showing food being prepared, delivered, and experienced. Each cut highlights a glimpse into someone else’s day, letting viewers know that whenever diners are hungry and whatever they’re hungry for, Grubhub is there. Airing the second week of March 2016, the spot appeared on networks across all major markets in primetime slots, and garnered over 190,000 views on Facebook in the first 2 days.

Get hungry

Appearing at busy intersections, lining train cars, and taking over subway stations, the out-of-home campaign targeted diners during their daily commute – offering a mouth-watering change of scenery.

Activations across Grubhub’s key markets in Boston, Chicago, DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles saw the new visual and verbal identity system come alive. Whether you “Eat like A Boss”, want to “Dazzle Your Date”, or agree that “Winter Nights are Warmer with Ramen", Grubhub lets you get food wherever you are, at any time of day, and for any occasion. A clear call to action ‘Order food you love, online or with the app’ makes it clear that Grubhub makes it simple to feed diners’ desires.

Digital screens outside on the streets and in stations also provided an opportunity to play with ‘the language of food’, animating food types, photography and emotions. Flickering fish and bouncing tacos promote Grubhub to passers-by, encouraging smiles and tummy rumbles.

The way to everyone’s heart

Online users didn’t miss out on the fun – the campaign fully integrated into digital advertising, appearing on hundreds of sites across the web. Grubhub even showed how much they ‘love’ food on Valentine’s Day, with a heart-eyed character chomping down on treats to lead diners to the call to action: Order food you love.

If you want to read more about the full rebrand go to “Grubhub: Delivering unique eating experiences” case study page.