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At Wolff Olins we are passionate about working for critical industries that impact everyone. Energy is definitely one of them: climate change, e-mobility, livable cities, emerging economies -- most major global challenges require radically new energy solutions.

But Enel is not only part of a critical industry, they are also at the forefront of its reinvention. It is one of the biggest energy companies in the world, the world’s largest producer of renewable energy, runs the world’s only fully digitised energy grid, and is listed by Fortune as no. 5 of the 50 companies that can fundamentally change the world, ahead of Facebook, Alibaba, IBM...

So we were thrilled to support the Enel team on the journey to take the lead in shaping a new, digital, and participatory era of energy and answer fundamental questions:

What do we sell, if people produce their own energy?
How can we connect 1bn people that are currently without safe and sustainable energy?
How can we compete with Silicon Valley brands for future energy services?
How can we unite our organisation across 30 extremely diverse countries?

Open Power - Shaping a new Enel business and brand, defining an open and participatory era of energy

Together with Enel we developed Open Power - Enel’s strategic platform for growth, combining the strength of a truly global organisation with the opportunities of a new, open and connected world. At the heart of this strategy we developed 5 ways in which Enel will open up all critical parts of its business:

1. Open Enel’s energy and services to more people

E.g. through micro grid solutions in remote areas of Kenya and Chile

2. Open Enel’s energy to new technologies

E.g. by investing heavily in renewables and driving digitisation of the grid to enable smarter energy solutions

3. Open Enel up to more partnerships

E.g. by establishing transparent ways of doing business and activating a wide network of partnerships through an open innovation approach

4. Open Enel’s energy to new uses

E.g. By working with the communications industry to bring super fast Internet even to remote areas

5. Open up new ways of managing Energy

E.g. through sharing knowledge about energy efficiency to millions of people on an open internet platform

Open Power will make us a very unique company in the utility space.” Francesco Starace, CEO

Open Power will have a profound impact on the organisation and prepare it for a new digital age. It has the potential to shift the entire industry from a production oriented, conservative, sometimes secretive sector to an industry that engages its customers, partners, and stakeholders in open, people-centric, and transparent ways.

An open, iterative process to trigger a new collaborative culture

A key factor in the development of the new brand was the highly collaborative process. Throughout the project we challenged Enel’s ways of working by including all parts of Enel’s organisation and all key agencies in every step of the project. We travelled throughout Europe meeting customers, stakeholders, and employees to understand the local requirements. We also had constant loops of sharing work in progress and receiving feedback from the countries using a variety of digital collaboration tools, such as a digital project journal. Equally, we designed the creative process in a way that constantly exposed the team to new input and feedback, from involving all global Wolff Olins offices, to countless co-creation sessions with the client, and cross-agency workshops to ensure the brand is built for all relevant touch points.

A radically new, more open brand experience

At the start of our creative process we explored how the abstract concepts of power and openness can be visualized – From kinetic energy to physical phenomena to data driven systems we’ve asked ourselves: what does power and openness look and feel like? How can we translate these concepts into an expression that truly embodies the future of our organization?

The cursors - the starting point of our brand

At the heart of the new brand sits the cursor, an iconic visual symbol that represents Open Power. The cursor is the starting point of energy, it’s always moving, always energetic, echoing the very core behind the power of a light bulb – the filament. The cursor informs the look and feel of our new brand and creates a consistent design language that ensures everything ties back to the principles of Open Power, from the logo to print and digital applications to products and signs.

The core elements reflect all key aspects of Open Power

Based on explorations on openness and power, we’ve developed a new global brand that incorporates all the ideas of Open Power and is unlike any of the other large utilities. The new logo is a modern and highly recognisable word mark that can be adapted for all the parts of the business. Its shape has been created by the movement of the cursors, each letter consists of a cursor, followed by a colourful trail of energy.

The logo, the cursors, a range of 8 colours derived from the logo, and colurful gradients form the basis for an easy-to-use design system. It helps Enel to create a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints, from digital to print, from advertising to retail.

A brand open for experiments

The new brand expression intentionally has a big experimental side to it. The key element, the cursor, can be used in many new and unexpected ways to create endless new interpretations of Open Power. The brand becomes truly open to others and we encourage people inside and outside of Enel to play, innovate, and experiment.

And the impact?

Our chairman Brian Boylan asked Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel, this question. Here is what he said: