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Liechtenstein is a tiny alpine state whose low taxes helped it grow rapidly for fifty years.


But with increasing concerns about money laundering, its reputation as a tax haven had started to limit its future prospects. The government set out to transform the country. Alongside much tougher banking regulations, it decided to broaden Liechtenstein’s reputation and attract a wider range of businesses and tourists.


To drive all this, Wolff Olins created a brand idea for Liechtenstein, based on its small size, its prosperity and its attractiveness: ‘the real gem’. We emphasised three of the country’s great strengths: its focus, its entrepreneurship, and its human scale. And we created imagery to express this thinking – with a house, a star, a heart, a flower and a coin combining to form a princely crown.


Throughout the project, Wolff Olins suggested new ways to grow the brand and the country: the prime minister ofLiechtenstein said Wolff Olins ' have understood us, and they have also opened our eyes’. The brand was launched in the summer of 2004 putting Liechtenstein on the map in a way it had never been before. The country has since witnessed an influx of businesses and tourists. Its hotels now welcome 10,000 more guests on an annual basis, a significant increase since 2004. The increase in businesses has aided Lichtenstein in achieving a remarkable 95% employment rate in 2008.