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Royal Mail

Wolff Olins worked as Royal Mail’s brand partner for over 10 years - during which time the business was transformed.


Royal Mail approached Wolff Olins in 2001, they were losing £1m a day, with a workforce which was striking and unhappy. Wolff Olins task was urgent and business critical. One of the key roles of a brand partner in such a journey was to help the business explore the boundaries of possibility – using the lens of brand to work out just how far, how fast the business could stretch into new business areas or extend further into customers’ lives.


There are a series of explorations that Wolff Olins have undertaken over the years – exploring the boundaries of how far the business could dare to go. The power of ambitious proposals was to catalyse debate at the highest level over one key question: What is the Royal Mail for? (and what should it be for now and in the future?). There was huge sensitivity and complexity in the stakeholder engagement across all the projects and carefully managing this was imperative to ensure buy-in.


Wolff Olins brand work – both conceptual and real – helped the leadership of Royal Mail come to a point where they were confident in what the business could be, which in itself transformed the role of leadership from managing decline to embracing opportunity. It was huge shift. The rejuvenated Royal Mail that is now emerging has within it the DNA of all of these projects and ideas.

This is a story that celebrates – rightly - what is out there and the ambitious re-imaginings that helped push the ambition.