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Pave is a new community where people unlock the potential of young careers through an innovative social financial agreement. Prospects - ambitious and creative people getting started in life, meet backers - accomplished individuals looking to put their success and experience to good use.


A prospect accepts a one-time payment from backers in exchange for committing to share a small, affordable percentage of income over a period of 10 years. Since backer and prospect interests are aligned, some backers may also provide career guidance, mentorship and networking connections to promote the success of their prospects.


As with most start-ups the Pave team was overflowing with purpose, passion and ideas, but needed an experienced partner to help focus their energy and development. We brought objective brain power to the table, to help define their audience, reinforce their difference and to design a unique user experience that did their vision justice.

Over the course of 8 weeks we led a series of workshops, where - with the founders and full Pave team - we captured and codified their brand purpose, values and tone of voice, and named the participants. To launch the new brand, we designed the UX, identity and provided content for the pilot site.

"If you don't know who you are then how can anyone else?" -- Oren Bass, Co- Founder, Pave”
"You need a reference point, an oracle that is based on who you are and what your mission is." -- Sal Lahoud, Co-Founder, Pave”
"Pave is about unleashing the potential of the next generation through the redistribution of risk and encouragement of mentorship." - Justin Mitchell, Co-Founder, Pave”
Pave launched a pilot in December 2012 with eight prospects and 28 backers. In the initial batch of prospects, there is a nano biotechnology student, a filmmaker, an Aikido champion, a legal intern, a musician, an investment banker, a dancer, an economics student, and an entrepreneur. Unsurprisingly, Pave has attracted interest from potential platform participants across the U.S.

The company has recently released features that fulfil the promise of a fully functional open platform for investing in individual potential. The backers are now able to log onto the site and instantly learn about and offer to join the team of potential prospects. Press coverage has been overwhelmingly positive and partner organizations have caught on to the idea of investing in people that have shared interests.

This pioneering social-financial arrangement has the power to unleash unprecedented resources and talent in a way where everyone involved reaps the benefit - for prospects, the people and money behind them to do what they love for a living, for backers, putting their time, money and skills to good use for the next generation, earning both a financial and emotional return on their investment. Win win.