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Oxfam is one of the world's leading NGOs, operating in over 92 countries, with a mission to end the injustice of poverty.


Structurally, Oxfam is an international confederation and in a globalised world it needs to act and communicate as one - in its development projects, its disaster relief work
and its campaigning. In 2010, Oxfam decided to create a single global identity - something that would unify it, and resonate with supporters around the world.


Wolff Olins helped Oxfam to define its role - what it offers to people around the world, as a global movement for change - and to talk about what it does in an optimistic yet uncompromising way, setting a vision for the future.

We also brought to the surface its underlying character - being both practical and visionary. We co-created this brand idea through workshops with Oxfam people across the confederation, and validated it through extensive and rigorous research around the world by Flamingo International.

We then created a human, expansive brand identity to express all this, based on patterns of bright colours, an expressive dedicated typeface, and simple, positive, action- oriented messages.


The new identity was launched internally in India in March 2012, and was introduced across the world later that year. GROW, Oxfam's global campaign, is about transforming the broken food system so that it works for everyone today and reflects the global identity. GROW effectively set out a positive vision and in less than one year, Oxfam reached 13.5 million people in 54 countries, and over 1.5 million people have participated online.