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Our Lucaya

Hutchison Whampao approached Wolff Olins in 1999, to work with its hotel division.


We were asked to do much more than simply create a brand, but to formulate an idea around which an entire business could be built. As a holiday destination focused mostly on the US market, the Bahamas had tended to suffer from being too easily accessible from the eastern seaboard to be considered ‘exotic’. Wolff Olins was asked to create a brand for the resort that would fuel its ambition to be world–class and make it a top destination again for tourists.


Wolff Olins began with thinking about how people make decisions regarding holiday destinations. We determined that the brand would have to give people a compelling reason to choose the resort, in spite of the perceived disadvantages of its location.

The brand therefore required a name that conveyed a unique experience that would capture people’s imagination, one that stood out from the many bland hotel names in the business. The Lucaya were the original indigenous people of the island, famed for their hospitality and kindness. By using ‘our’, the name acquires a resonance of ownership and pride in the ideas of welcoming friendliness.


The press launch for Our Lucaya took place in New York City in September 2000, and the resort opened two months later. The AAA four-diamond resort has since been named one of Forbes magazine’s ‘Top 400 Hotels’ and one of Child magazine’s ‘Top Ten Best Caribbean Resorts for Families’ in 2006.