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Omran is a state owned business developing tourism infrastructure in the Sultanate of Oman.


Omran plans to go beyond just developing infrastructure to creating, managing and operating memorable destinations and experiences, and delivering long-term benefits to local communities and the national economy. Omran needed a brand that could drive the new business growth and increasingly define the future of the nation.


Wolff Olins created a brand around Omran’s unique approach of working in harmony with the Sultanate’s environment and natural resources. We expressed this sentiment through the idea, ‘Considered approach, Big Impact’, influencing how every stakeholder should live the brand.

We helped develop a new brand architecture to support the expanded scope of business; created a new visual identity to reflect the spirit of contemporary Arabia, a brand that is built for the future; and held workshops with various functions, helping them understand, interpret and deliver the new brand in their day-to-day tasks.


With over 50% of the population under 26, Omran has the power to shape the nation’s future. The role of the brand is to create future icons for the country, inspiring employment, offering careers while protecting Oman’s heritage. The new brand was introduced to employees in June 2010 to a very positive response.

Since then, the organisation has been identifying and defining opportunities for delivering the new brand to the outside world, making it real. The new Omran was introduced to the world in October 2010.