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In 2006, Koç Holding, Turkey’s biggest conglomerate, wanted to increase its shareholder value, and strengthen its position inside and outside Turkey, by making the most of its assets.


It faced a number of challenges – a dramatic growth in its business, mixed internal ambitions, confused external stakeholders, increased competition, and perceptions of being distant and arrogant – as well as inconsistent use of the Koç brand for the holding company and its brands. It needed a compass to guide it.


Wolff Olins worked with Koç Holding to help define the type of conglomerate it should be. We created a clear story about Koç’s 'enthusiasm for life and progress’ which explained what Koç does and how it does it.

This helped to unify the organisation behind one single idea and give it clarity about what it stands for. We then created a new communication style for the organisation, without changing its logotype. We also worked with Koç to clarify and streamline its brand portfolio, and designed a decision tree to help Koç decide how closely each of its brands should be linked to the Koç Holding masterbrand.


Koc has started to communicate its new story to its own people, and the implementation of the new brand strategy and expression is well under way.