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In 1998, Merloni Elettrodomestici, Europe’s third largest maker of white goods, wanted to make much more of its flagging Indesit brand.


The brand had been built up over 20 years in European markets from Spain to Russia, but it was positioned differently in each country, and marketing relied almost entirely on product features and pricing.


Wolff Olins proposed that Indesit move to a single Europe-wide positioning. By refocusing the brand message from product to consumer,
Indesit could occupy a unique market position.

Targeting people buying appliances for the first time, Indesit would stress not just affordability but also simplicity: Indesit could give more people the freedom to enjoy life. From this thinking, we created the idea ‘leader for young Europe’, and a fresh, engaging and youthful communication style.


In just twelve months, the new Indesit increased its revenue by 19%. The brand has seen continuous success with an average increase in net profit of 20% per year.

The new brand has taken Indesit from strength to strength, transforming it from a company with 7,700 employees and a net profit of EURO 20 million in 1998, to Europe’s second largest producer of white goods with 17,000 employees, selling over 15 million appliances annually, with a net profit of €100 million in 2008.

In 2005, Merloni changed name to the Indesit Company. Wolff Olins has also transformed the group’s other main brands, Ariston, Hotpoint and Scholtès.