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SAV Credit is already a successful credit and store card business that wanted to accelerate its growth by helping the unbanked in the UK.


As traditional banks in the UK pull away from ‘non prime' customers and payday lenders moved in to take advantage of those people who can’t afford the best financial products and advice, SAV Credit decided to address this urgent need in the market. Together with Wolff Olins, the management team of SAV Credit led by James Corcoran (ex MD of Washington Mutual Retail), set about creating a financial provider for the unbanked.


This effort started with redefining their manifesto to help everyone be better off with their money. By offering them fair financial advice and
products, over the course of their lives, regardless of the ups and downs.

The manifesto led to a change programme focused on 4 main tenants: to be a more welcoming company, making fair financial products available to more people; to be a more understanding company, making sure everyone gets the right advice for them; to be a committed company, helping people even if they have financial problems in the past.

Finally, they wanted to be a more rewarding company, incentivising their customers for good financial behaviours like paying back their credit cards early. The management team also decided to re-brand the business as NewDay to symbolise this change to both the business and market.


As a result of this manifesto, the business completely re-structured it's customer experience introducing new initiatives such as 'welcome teams’ and a new credit card whose APR rates reduce as a customer pays off their debt. So far NewDay has been attracting 350,000 new customers a year and is going from strength to strength.