New year, new name.

Remember Mad Men? Remember how excited we all got about perfect period costumes from the 1960s, obsessive attention to detail and riveting plot twists doused with large quantities of whiskey? Remember how we all wanted to be Don Draper? I had a love/hate relationship with that show because, like ev...

by Danielle Zezulinski - 09 Jan 2015

Who do you think you are kidding art director?

Picture the scene - May 2015. The Prime Minister is at a news conference in the Downing Street rose garden and to the far right stands a new coalition partner. A tiny hairy bluebottle darts from the shrubbery, lands on the philtrum of the deputy PM prompting an instinctive stroke of the lip with th...

by Chris Moody - 05 Jan 2015

Welcome to the team, Teemu!

Wolff Olins, New York recently welcomed a new Creative Director into the fold. Teemu Suviala joins us from his own studio, Kokoro & Moi, bringing a wealth of experience in art and design globally. For our last post of the year, we’ve asked Teemu what’s on his holiday wish list. Here’s a little insi...

by Camilla Grey - 23 Dec 2014

What's your purpose?

Activating missions with non-profits Last week in San Francisco, we hosted a workshop for ten Bay area non-profits as part of ‘Thanksgivingback,’ our effort to give back to our community. We equipped organizations specializing in topics from education to aviation with the tools needed to craft and ...

by Chris Walker - 22 Dec 2014

How to make your tone of voice sing

Brands come to life and express themselves in a variety of ways: from core identity elements such as a logo and typeface, all the way through to service design and user experience. As brands seek to become more human and more engaging, tone of voice becomes a key component in both recognition and d...

by Camilla Grey - 19 Dec 2014

Unthink with SAM

As you read this, the ticker on your inbox is no doubt on the incline as it fills up with dancing elves, poor lip-syncing, and calendar invites to organised fun. Here at Wolff Olins we’re continuing our tradition of doing things a little bit differently. You could see us as the surprisingly delicio...

by Wolff Olins - 17 Dec 2014

Me, my health and I

How far will our fascination with our own health and well-being take us?  With the new trend of wearables, which track your every movement, to now being able to map every single nucleobase that makes you, uniquely you – it is not a stretch to think about what the future may hold.

by Wolff Olins - 16 Dec 2014

Top ten things to look out for in next year's top ten lists

1. Beat the January blues: Top 10 new year’s resolutions for game-changing marketers 2. Top 10 lessons X can learn from totally unrelated to Y

by Wolff Olins - 12 Dec 2014

A story worth telling

Storytelling is all the rage. The business press is besotted with the subject, telling us how stories empower business leaders under pressure, secure a brand’s place in the market, and help brands frame the sorts of products and services they offer. To quote Fast Company on the topic: “Without a co...

by Wolff Olins - 11 Dec 2014

Continuing the data discussion

I think and talk about ‘data,’ ‘transparency,’ and ‘privacy’ more than I’d like to admit. As these words get tossed around (and it feels like they’re being tossed around all the time), I wonder if they’ve lost meaning and become buzzwords for brands looking to engage in the digital conversation? Ma...

by Chris Walker - 10 Dec 2014

Thoughts from our New York Summit

On November 5th in New York, Wolff Olins hosted a select group of 60 leaders, from dozens of industries, to share stories and gain insights about How to Change. We drew inspiration and perspective from an extraordinary collection of speakers. Each shed new light on the moves we need to make to affe...

by John Hearn - 09 Dec 2014

Who needs tools anyway?

In the final installment of our series on creative partnerships, Richard Houston looks at tools to scale change and multiply action. **

by Richard Houston - 05 Dec 2014

Experiences for (lots of) individuals

In our third piece in a short series on creative partnerships, Global Principal Tom Wason on how we design experiences to be more intelligent, responsive, connected and useful for everyone. **

by Tom Wason - 04 Dec 2014

Everything will change, but people come first

This year we’ve not only been renovating our website, but also developing a new strategic direction and offer. We’ve asked some of our people to explore what being creative partners for ambitious leaders really means in practice. To paraphrase Chris Moody, “Creativity is what we bring to the party”...

by Morgan Holt - 03 Dec 2014

Wear your leadership story on your sleeve

This year we’ve not only been renovating our website, but also developing a new strategic direction and offer. We’ve asked some of our people to explore what being creative partners for ambitious leaders really means in practice. To paraphrase Chris Moody, “Creativity is what we bring to the party”...

by Wolff Olins - 02 Dec 2014

“Made in India?”

Something is clearly happening in India’s technology and IT industry. And any doubts it had lost its mojo should be dispelled by two news items that have appeared since our first “Make in India?” blog post. First, Tech Mahindra announced its largest overseas acquisition when it bought LCC for $240 ...

by Wolff Olins - 28 Nov 2014

Hiring Creative People 101

So many organisations want to put creativity at their heart yet peddle the same old tired recruitment practices.  Others adopt rather crazy techniques which don’t get results either; I wonder how many companies adopted those bizarre Silicon Valley scenario questions before they themselves scrapped ...

by Xander Hough - 26 Nov 2014

Hollywood and AI

What the advent of robotics means for our cultural world In our innovation-obsessed society, there’s a lot of talk about automation, about robots, about the end of jobs and of supercomputers. This is the adoption of technology as corporate tools. Elon Musk has been in the news recently saying the s...

by Dan Gavshon Brady - 25 Nov 2014

This week from Kitchen...

Three essential ways to lead

by Robert Jones - 24 Nov 2014