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Joy in autonomy

The self-driving car. Everyone’s raving about it, especially at this year’s CES: Mercedes presented a futuristic one, BMW has one that drifts, Google test a cute one and Audi even came to the CES in auto pilot mode.

The old and new car manufacturers are impressively creative and innovative developing the technology for autonomous driving, but when it comes to the user and what they could do with their additional time, they are surprisingly dull.

We thought there must be more. More you can do on your daily commute, more you can explore on that 8 hour family road-trip to France and more services that could be offered by millions of taxi and Uber drivers freed up from moving people from A to B.

Here are 6 thought starters. We would would love to hear your ideas on what you would do to escape the boredom of a drive free car journey.

What you could do in your own car:

Mobile muscle
Inactivity is a serious problem for our generation but autonomous cars can actually help. With all that free time and space we could practice Pilates, yoga or even marathon training all the time!

Rolling roller coaster
Instead of plugging in the latest DVD for your kids to watch during that long journey up North, use those 5 hours to spend quality time with them in their own mobile playroom complete with a roller coaster, all niftily fitted inside your spacious family van.


Whizzing workshop
Use the time in the car to get the saw out and build that shelf for your shoes, sideboard for your living room or finally piece together that IKEA flat pack.

What services people could offer:

Speedy styling
Maximise the drive from the airport and swap driving with styling. Arrive perfectly swish at your next meeting with a new haircut from a top stylist, perfectly pedicured nails and outfit picked to match the weather at your destination.


Mobile story time
How much did we love it as children when somebody would read us a story? In this journey somebody will read you a story that is exactly as long as your ride. So you can lean back and feel like a child again.

Learn as you journey
Driving lesson? Thats a thing of the the past! Instead use your journey to learn a whole host of skills from experts: perfect your guitar playing, learn a new language or how about painting, coding or kite flying though the sun-roof?