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Curator: The New WolffOlins.com

Wolff Olins is proud to launch the latest version of our website. With this new version we’ve explored the idea of how brands truly exist online. Many brands are challenged with managing their digital landscape as it stretches across social media, owned sites and PR outreach. With out latest website we’ve created the ability to curate the conversation about Wolff Olins. 

With all the many sources of content and conversations that circulate around your brand it becomes challenging to not only manage but to have a unique voice. Add to this the challenge of mobile, tablet and multiple browsers and every brand has numerous ways that consumers can reach them, all of which must be managed. Utilizing existing platforms our latest site aggregates content from many sources into a branded experience that looks just as good on a laptop as it does on the iPhone. We do this by stripping out the clutter that defuses the conversation and focusing on the experience. 

As each piece of content is imported we redesign the image, text, video, etc. to create and support a unified brand experience. What further differentiates this concept from other content aggregators is that each piece of content can be interconnected with content from around the Internet related to the Wolff Olins’ brand, and our clients. We’re able to bring in images, articles, videos or one of many other pieces of content from a location, curate it into a unique page and connect that content with a site, news story or other link to deliver a deeper, more interconnected, understanding of how brands actually exist online.

Lastly, we’ve built this site as a test product. We are now proud to offer it to our clients as a new tool in your kit to create unique brand experiences. We call it Curator.

We’ve built this site with our development partners Public Class on the back of a custom-built Application Programming Interface (API). It handles the importing of multiple content types from a variety of customizable online sources. For us and anyone who’s interested in using Curator it means updating in the platforms we use everyday to get our message out online. The API feeds content into a CMS where an admin can mix together live streams into the website allowing for real-time curation of our online brand. With Curator in the back-end we can design brand-led front-end interfaces allowing our clients to rebrand, redesign and reconnect the conversation about them.