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Beta than ever...

We help our clients bring exciting things into the world all the time, but it’s not often that we get to do it for ourselves. Alongside a new strategic direction and consolidated offer (more on that soon), we’ve also completely overhauled our website and approach to content globally.

Today we are thrilled to launch the beta of the new Wolff Olins website. There’s a lot of love for the personality of our current website, but times have changed so we’ve re-designed, re-engineered and updated our entire web platform. What makes us most proud, is that we’ve done nearly all of it in-house with our burgeoning technology community.

We’ve rebuilt the front-end to use responsive design principles, which means the site looks great on phones, tablets, laptops (and fridges). And we have a new, elegant content management system co-created with our friends at New Bamboo. All of which is powered by a new web platform and API layer that allows us to scale and use our data in more powerful ways.

The design has also been refreshed. Today you’ll find a cleaner, clearer, more engaging way for you to learn about us and see what we do. We’ve got more dynamic content, a greater commitment to visual and verbal storytelling and more ways for you to get involved, either through our events or our blog.


We’ve also updated some of our key content, with more in-depth case studies and information about Wolff Olins people around the world, so that you can get to know all about us and how we work. The site is an ever-growing, ever-changing destination for all things WO.

Since it’s a work in progress we’d love your feedback. Whether it’s a bug you’ve spotted or thoughts about how we present information, email website@wolffolins.com and let us know.