Build a Business in less than 24 hrs- Vote Now!

Today Wolff Olins is hosting its very own version of Dragons Den and we’re asking you to get involved. All day as part of “How to Grow and change the game” three groups have been proposing business ideas in response to 3 unique, social problems- by the end of the day the team who has responded to the brief best will be crowned Wolff Olins’ Build-a-business winner.

Until 2.45pm (BST) we will be testing these 3 social business ideas – and now’s your chance to get your opinion across.  But be quick, we’re speeding up the process here- who said you can’t create a business in less than a day?

Based on your received feedback in addition to survey information from a wider external community, a  panel of esteemed of experts from Oxfam, Faber, Dyson and our own Senior Strategist Morgan Holt will select one team as champion.

The three business proposals are below- we welcome your honest feedback in the comment box below. Alternatively if you would like to tweet us with what you think, get us at @wolffolins using the hash tag #HowToGrow.

Team 1 – What if there was a business that got NEIGHBOURS to know each other?


Local Sheds:  Places for communities to borrow and share the things they need.

Local sheds is a service for communities where most people are busy and on the move.  You subscribe to local sheds for access to pop-up shops, trucks and community spaces where people go to borrow and share the things they need and have. The community sheds use empty spaces like boarded shops and empty parking spaces.  They open at the times and places and with the things that the community has asked for.

Team 2 -  What if there was a business that helped young offenders STOP OFFENDING?


Rough Diamonds : Get Young People on the Right Track

Bid for their help:

    With your IT problems

    Repairing your home and community

    Looking after older relatives

You pay a monthly subscription to bid for each job.

Team  3 - what if there was a business that made it easy to be MULTILINGUAL?


Everyone Everywhere:  Your Cultural Connector

A social community that connects people and cultures, virtually, around the world based around learning languages.  Through use of social networks, and friendships, beginning with the indvidual’s needs, the ultimate aim is to contribute to society.

Whether it’s basic translation services or a language partner like you, Everyone Everywhere will make it easy and relevant for you to feel more confident and culturally aware.

You choose the level of service and interaction; and you pay as you go.

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