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Ije Nwokorie

Following a series of accidents, missteps and happy coincidences – after training as an architect – Ije became CEO of Wolff Olins; a position which gives him ultimate responsibility for the people, product and profits.

Most of his time here is spent figuring how to make something unprecedented happen, with a full-fat, high-caffeine, all-in, nothing-held-back style. He loves diving in, getting to the heart of the matter, trying things and getting as many people involved as possible. Collaboration is absolutely vital to Ije. This approach helps to find multiple solutions: some surprising, others wonderfully straightforward. This is done at a fizzing, energetic tempo but with one eye always on exactly what we're trying to do, so he can keep focus on the all-important objective at hand.

As well as paying attention to people and figuring out how to help them achieve the things they want, he keeps a hands-on approach to design, which has shone through with clients such as Mercedes, Skype, EE and Expedia.

Outside Wolff Olins, Ije's volunteer work with expectant families in his local church is a, “massive highlight of my life. Apart from that, trying to keep up with the kids (aged 10 and 7) is what keeps me young".