Job title: Strategy Director & Global Principal
Office location:Global

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Suzanne Livingston

As Global Principal I'm responsible for our larger global accounts and for the decisions we take as a group of offices representing four regions of the world. It is vital that our international work is significant in its impact and smooth-running from our clients’ point of view, so unity across hubs is our day to day goal. We must also make sure that we’re taking great leaps forward together, as one whole.

My interests in client sectors are wide ranging. My long term area of expertise is technology, particular in pioneering areas such as AI and robotics, drawn from my PhD work in philosophy and cybernetics. This has driven my work for Sony Corporation (Japan), Ericsson (Sweden), Rambler (Moscow) and Sony Computer Entertainment (US). I have also worked a great deal with education and culture clients such as London Olympics 2012, Southbank Centre, Qatar Museums, Northwestern University, Whitney Museum (NY) and Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston). Culture, the arts and technology are great long standing interests of mine – particularly in terms of the role they play at the very core of society.

Whilst running large client projects, I also have a special interest in the coaching and development of our individual team members. Having previously been Head of Strategy for our London office, personal development and growth is very close to my heart. I spend time bringing the uniqueness of each individual to the fore. Distinctiveness and diversity in our people is vital at Wolff Olins – it is what we offer to our clients and it is what we must foster in ourselves.