Job title: Strategy Director
Office location:London

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Charlie Stott

Initially an economic consultant, I found that clients were making an alarming number of business decisions based on largely emotional reasoning. To understand why, I met with an advertising agency and the following day received a job offer from Wolff Olins.

As Strategy Director, I help organisations define their central strategy then realise it through change management programmes (internally) and marketing strategies (externally). This is done by conceiving possible futures, reversing client's misgivings and ultimately convincing people that the thoughts at hand aren't just brilliant and exciting, but doable.

My technique is based on research. After pouring over every slither of relevant information, I edit the superfluous and focus on the client's essential qualities. Central questions are asked: How does this work? Where does this fail? How can it improve? The extensive research teases out a wealth of practical solutions and fuels the passion for my job. This passion has produced excellent results for (amongst others) Macmillan, PwC, Allianz Global Investors and Skype.