Job title: Design Director
Office location:London

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Daniel Greene

I am a Design Director with 10 years experience. Having started working life in London’s leading boutique design studios, I've spent the last four years at Wolff Olins, working mostly with consumer tech clients.

I enjoy figuring out tough business and product challenges and making awesome things along the way. For me, whether working with the WO design team or external collaborators, it’s about using technology to create experiences that engage and excite people.

Over the last year I've designed apps, interfaces, films and retail experiences. Recently I've been involved in Kitchen – the WO education offer – and co-facilitated the first class: ‘How to Workshop’.

Q & A

What’s been your proudest moment since joining Wolff Olins?
Launching the EE brand

What word or phrase do you most overuse at work?
‘Essentially’ and ‘awesome’ in equal measure

What is your secret superpower?
Listening with big ears

Tell us something about Wolff Olins that no one knows?
The edges of the waste paper bins double as bottle openers