Job title: Technical Director
Office location:London

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Andrew Dobson

I am a creatively minded technologist who has worked with the web for nearly 20 years. A self-taught coder, I've been immersed in the art and science of "Being Digital" since it's early days. I've worked both within digital agencies like Razorfish and Grand Union and on the client side at BSkyB and Arcadia, exploring the possibilities of this most transformative of technology leaps within our everyday lives. Work highlights include a digital signage system for Sky News (still viewed by millions daily in major rail stations), transforming Sky Arts' content strategy through the creative use of metadata and planning the technical architecture for Sainsbury's Homemade By You.

Being a technology optimist I am a great believer in a more egalitarian distribution of the future globally and I am very excited to come to Wolff Olins see how we can make a positive impact on the world. Outside work, music remains my passion, both as a listener and a composer/performer; I've written and released four studio albums of ambient, "neo-classical" electronica and have toured with my band throughout Europe and the US.

Q & A

What’s been your proudest moment since joining Wolff Olins?
Settling in so quickly

What word or phrase do you most overuse at work?

What is your secret superpower?
Organisational hacking.

Tell us something about Wolff Olins that no one knows.
I will be doing everything I can to discover that :o)