Job title: Designer
Office location:London

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Sidney Lim

I’m a Singaporean designer whom, upon graduation from Central Saint Martins, has had the incredible luck of being able to start my design career here at Wolff Olins. I enjoy crafting compelling brands that look and feel equally exciting both digitally and in print, and I believe it’s important to always inject a touch of humour and personality in every single thing we do, design-related or not.

In my relatively short time here I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with the team to launch the new brand for Enel, a global energy and utilities company based in Italy. When I’m not scouring for fonts on the internet, you can find me at a ramen joint, or a Taylor Swift gig.

Q & A

What’s been your greatest achievement at Wolff Olins so far?
Being part of the core team at Enel, where I worked closely with everyone in the team to deliver a brand that stretches across multiple touch-points, given the large presence that the brand has in the lives of millions of people across the globe.

What’s the most interesting thing on your desk?
A large box of lozenges.

What word or phrase do you most overuse at work?
I say ‘basic’ a lot, which is quite basic in itself.

What’s your secret superpower?
My appalling taste in music. Which I’m all too eager to share with everyone when I take over the office speakers.