Job title: Senior Strategist
Office location:New York

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Sam Liebeskind

To me, being a Strategist means helping clients make big bets and smart moves.

At Wolff Olins, I’ve had a hand in everything from macrotrends research to brand strategy to UX design. I’ve also spent a lot of time exploring how organizations can use partnerships and collaborations to grow.

My favorite projects have been with companies in fast changing industries - tech, media, and law in particular. I get most excited about moments where new technologies are colliding with entrenched routines and cultures.

A few other random things about me: I’m fascinated by the globalization of sports, believe strongly in the power of biomimicry, and love using slang and nicknames.

Before joining Wolff Olins, I studied Behavioral Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Q & A

What’s been your proudest moment since joining Wolff Olins?
I love working with our strategy interns and watching them do amazing things. Being handpicked to co-design USA Today’s fantasy football page was pretty cool too.

What word or phrase do you most overuse at work?
I saw on Twitter…

What is your secret superpower?
Thinking in systems

Tell us something about Wolff Olins that no one knows?
The WO Spotify playlist has some gems.