Design Director

This is the most senior ‘hands on’ creative role at WO. Your primary job is to lead and be responsible for the creative success of medium sized to large projects –often more than one at the same time.

Who you are

You can come from any design background, but you must be a highly strategic thinker and be 100% credible as a leader in our core disciplines of graphic design, interaction design and motion graphics.

You’ll have at least 6 plus years of creative experience.
• You are assertive and inspiring with the highest expectations of yourself and others
• A great problem solver, with the judgment, experience and decisiveness to make things happen
• You’ll be responsible for leading a design team, and you should be brilliant at inspiring and organizing them
• Your own design work will set an extremely high bar, and act as an example which all designers want to follow
• You’ll be expected to inspire complete confidence in clients – so you’ll need to see the bigger strategic picture, fully understand clients’ worlds and be utterly persuasive and authoritative with them
• You’ll be expected to make big creative calls on behalf of the client and WO, so your judgment and decision making skills should be excellent
• With the Creative Directors, you lead the creative voice of the design community and WO as a whole
• A strong point of view, but a healthy respect for the experience of more senior creatives

What you will do

• You will have the conviction, authority and utter clarity of thought needed to bring others (clients and colleagues) with you
• You will be a brilliant creative and strategic thinker who can see how creativity can solve business problems
• You will have design skills which make people want to follow you
• You are 100% credible with clients, earning permission to push the creativity and ambition of our work
• You are mature and perceptive – able to ‘read’ and weigh-up complex situations and others’ motivations
• You are a great planner who constantly thinks ahead about the needs of the team, the account and the client – able to prioritize, delegate and understand resourcing needs
• You are a great leader who can provide insight, encouragement and constructive direction to those working with you
• You work seamlessly with strategists and account managers
• A ‘nothing is impossible’ spirit, unafraid to try - and fail

IT/Technology Skills

You should be highly proficient in:
• Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
And ideally be really strong in one or more of the following areas:
• Front end design & development: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Processing
• User experience: process flow, wire-framing
• Motion: After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro, Final Cut