Senior Strategist


This role is the driver of our biggest accounts. You’ll be helping to shape the pathway of our biggest projects and you’ll be responsible for managing and delivering large workstreams within those projects. As a Lead Strategist, you are en route to becoming one of the leaders of Wolff Olins, both commercially and culturally.

Duties & Responsibilities

Duties & Responsibilities

• You’ll be conceiving, planning and managing key dimensions of our pillar projects.

• You’ll be involved in and leading aspects of the pitches which create those projects.

• It is likely that you’ll be working across more than one project – up to 3 at any one time.

• You’ll be bringing to bear the best of your experience so far and you’ll also be encouraged to stay at the forefront of innovative new ideas about business and organisational direction.

• You’ll be helping clients with a very wide range of organisational challenges – from direction setting, through culture change, portfolio management and service innovation.

• You’ll be part of our vibrant strategy community and playing your part in helping us continually develop new tools and approaches to our work.

• Just as you’ll be progressing fast in your understanding and application of strategy, we will encourage you to fast build your financial prowess, so that you can effectively manage accounts from a commercial point of view.

• We’ll also help you build your leadership skills, so that you can mentor and guide those less senior than you. Your conscientiousness in becoming a role model to others at Wolff Olins is vital.

• You’ll be part of our bigger conversations as a business, about the kind of the clients we love to work for, and the kind of offer we present to the world.


You may come from a similar consultancy from our sector, but you are just as likely come from another sector if you have built up a body of strategic insight and experience. Alternatively, you may be an entrepreneur in a start up or helping with the growth of an existing business.
You are likely to be a high flyer whichever world you come from, with a wide range of skills to help you manage client situations, conceive the right answer and help it come to life in the context of a client organization.

Personality & Interpersonal Skills

• Persuasive in all situations, able to help clients take risks

• Inspiring and nurturing in your team, alongside both clients and colleagues

• Of strong point of view, offering an interesting perspective to the media or at conferences

• Able to work independently and with confidence, and aware of when to bring the right people in, and when to collaborate

• Rigorous with a keen eye for quality and finessing the work

• Well organized, able to be bring due process and time planning to the production of work (across disciplines)

• A practiced collaborator and keen to share

• Able to work, on occasion, without a brief

IT/Technology Skills
Wolff Olins asks all staff to be highly proficient in Mac or PC operating systems and in the use of Microsoft Office, with a high degree of familiarity and comfort with mobile.