Design Specialist (Presentations)

Duties and Responsibilities

You champion a specific area of Design Specialism and promote its use within the company.

• Manage and deliver to expectations
• Foster and be part of a collaborative environment
• Maintain positive and enthusiastic team spirit, always looking to go beyond expectations
• Approachable, easy to work with and helpful
• Promote and be a crucial part of company culture and value

Key Experience & Knowledge

You can come from any design background; you’ll have at least two years’ experience in Design.

A design specialist (presentations) is:
• A creator of expertly crafted and exciting presentations and an innovator in finding new ways to present work
• Excellent on the craft and detail; including layout, composition and typography
• Keen to understand the bigger picture and contribute to the deeper strategic conversation
• Plugged into what’s new and interesting in the world
• Able to add something new into any discussion, whatever your background
• Passionate and persuasive in presenting work
• Highly collaborative, able to connect and work well with other designers, strategists and account managers
• Curious about the world around you
• Relentlessly energetic and positive, up for any challenge
• Unafraid to try - and fail, possessing a ‘nothing is impossible’ spirit
• Never satisfied, stopping at nothing to do your best work
• Always hungry to learn, always ready to share
• Never precious, never protective
• Comfortable offering your opinion and ask others theirs. You’ll have a strong point of view, but a healthy respect for the experience of more senior creatives.


You should be highly proficient in
• Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
• PowerPoint (experience in versions 2010+)

And ideally be really strong in one or more of the following areas
• Cinema 4D (bonus)
• Other presentation software (Prezi, Google Docs, Keynote)