Strategy Director


Wolff Olins is searching for a Strategy Director to join our London office. In this role, you play a key role in leading WO and in being the ultimate accountable figure on our pillar projects. You will be a well-known figure in our company. You’ll have a rich network of clients and contacts and be very comfortable working with the C-suite.

At Wolff Olins, strategy defines both an organisation's future, and creates the experiences, services, tools that will realise it. Strategists help Senior Executives make fundamental decisions about what they will invest in, build and enable. Using cut-through, rigour and imagination, it is your responsibility to create significant commercial and social impact.

Duties and Responsibilities

You are a business leader and transformation expert. You will most likely a rich experience of roles, deep sector experience, possible a post-graduate qualification e.g. MBA. You will have led teams previously. You could be a sector specialist in an area related to our work – e.g. technology, finance, could be a pioneer in a certain methodology e.g. service innovation. You are likely to have a reputation in your own right and must have some experience of brand.

Key Experience, Knowledge & Qualifications

• Outstanding leadership skills – helping our business take the right decisions – and very evidently within the client organisation, providing counsel to CEO and board.

• Adept in long term organisational transformation – showing stamina, tenacity and inventiveness

• An inspiring communicator able to change minds and help people to see things in a new way.

• A confident team player, able to keep a team fresh and alive and able to help individuals meet their plans

• Outstanding facilitation skills to help make client teams make leaps and break political impasses

• Strong strategic planning – able to design a project into the long term with a view to farming and extending budget

Interpersonal skills

Strategy Directors are:

• Visionary in our field

• Determined to change the role of business in society

• An innovator with a commitment to delivery and real long term change

• Keen to work as part of WO team beyond oneself

• Confident with the buck stopping at your door

• Comfortable directing the future of Wolff Olins

• Confident, assertive, ambitious, for yourself and WO

• A great team leader keen to help others grow

• An innovator in approach and new points of view

• Responsible to our business, paying attention to upcoming overall needs beyond individual client projects

• Persuasive in all situations, able to help clients take risks

• Inspiring and nurturing in your team, alongside both clients and colleagues

• Of strong point of view, offering an interesting perspective to the media or at conferences

• Able to work independently and with confidence, and aware of when to bring the right people in, and when to collaborate

• Rigorous with a keen eye for quality and finessing the work

• Well organised, able to be bring due process and time planning to the production of work (across disciplines)

• A practiced collaborator and keen to share

• Able to work without a brief