What do we do?

We partner with ambitious leaders to design radically better businesses.

We pit creativity against the big challenges in radically different and radically better ways. Our global teams of designers, strategists, technologists, programme managers and educators deliver deep, meaningful change across and beyond our clients’ organisations.

We partner long-term and work at pace to create better brands and better businesses.

What do we offer?

We focus on the four critical levers our clients pull to make positive progress
  • Leadership story for the C-suite to motivate and innovate
    We help empowered leaders articulate their purpose, strategy and growth platforms in a way that captures the imagination and spurs action at all levels. Views on leadership
  • Cultures to unlock an employee’s creativity
    We design the enterprise around the individual employee in unusual and unexpected ways. We help nurture new skills and positive behaviours so anyone can take action. Views on culture
  • Experiences led by the user
    We bring the user into the room to simplify their interactions with an organisation. We design the ecosystem of experiences to be more intelligent, responsive, connected and useful for everyone. Views on experiences
  • Tools to scale change and multiply action
    We push our work right to the edges of an organisation. We use technology to experiment with tools that provide the resources and capabilities for individuals to multiply action whoever or wherever they are. Views on change and action

Where do we come from?

We were founded in 1965 to help organisations shake off their corporate camouflage and take their place in the world.

By remaining firmly on the side of the individual, Wolff Olins made corporate identity design truly democratic. We provided creativity that was better for organisations because it was better for people.

Even in an era known for its experimentation, Wolff Olins was radical – creating striking, groundbreaking and commercially successful work from the outset.

How do we see the world?

The world has changed dramatically, but our trust in the power of the individual remains. Today, technology amplifies that power.

Now, more than ever, the potential impact of people is critical – be they leaders of organisations, employees within companies or users of products or services.

We know that creativity unlocks this potential. We’ve seen first-hand how creativity allows people to radically re-think their leadership style, their role in a company, and the entire experience of their users.

Who are we?

We are a global community of thinkers and makers.

We deliberately nurture a rich mix of styles and skills within Wolff Olins – programme managers, designers, strategists, technologists and educators.

Our method is one of education, participation and discovery. We constantly create test-beds for turning ideas into action.

We are based in three hubs in London, New York and San Francisco. We work and partner with experts around the world and wherever you are.